Sepid Tan Parniyan Pouyesh Corporation with registered No.1123 has been established in 2013, aimed to produce new innovative equipment and productions adjusted new global standards, a company with numbers of orthoses and prosthesis experts.
Since this corporation is obligated to persent products with high quality, it has been succeeded to receive M.E.C (Medical Equipment Management Certificate Decree) ISO 13485 with registered No.MD-1512, and quality management certificate ISO 9001 registered No.11091, under license of TCL Australia.
Mean while it is worth saying that this corporation possess production license from Medical Equipment Department of Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran with registered No.664/51794 and it is a member of Association of Manufacturers & Exporters’ of Medical, Dental & Lab Equipment of Iran.
The inventory of this corporation includes over 100 rehabilitation orthoses and orthopedic brace such as cervical collars, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot braces and so on.
This leaflet has been used in introducing a part of this corporation products.​

Health Is What We Represent

Founder and CEO

Hamed Nabavi

Customer Service :
Hours : Monday thru Thursday 8:00AM to 5:00PM (GMT) +3:30 hours.
Email : Info@curedmedical.com
Local Phone No. +981732226489, +981732226490
Fax No. +981732226489
Sales Cell Phone No. +989117939713, 09102710310
CEO Direct Cell Phone No. +989120255191, +989113755191


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    Contact us.
    Telegram – @FeedbackMessages
    Skype live:contactform_18
    WhatsApp – +375259112693

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