The spine has three main sections, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. There are seven cervical vertebrae (C1-C7), twelve thoracic (T1-T12), and five lumbar (L1-L5). In addition, there are two fused vertebrae, the sacrum and the coccyx.

The twelve thoracic and five lumbar vertebrae make up the thoracolumbar spine. The cervical spine supports the head and allows anterior, posterior, and lateral flexion and extension, plus rotation of the head and neck. C2, called the axis, forms a pivot with C1, called the atlas, around which the head rotates on the cervical spine. Normal curvature is lordotic (eyes pointing up).

The thoracolumbar spine (T1-L5) has two normal curvatures, lordotic in the lumbar region and kyphotic in the thoracic region. The primary spinal functions are to maintain an erect posture, provide stability and mobility, transmit loads, absorb shocks, and protect the spinal cord.


The shoulder support offers extra elastic support for the upper arm. The postural correction belt is helpful for clavicle fractures and round shoulder problems by helping align the bones and joint.



The orthosis for the elbow helps resolve tennis and golf elbow problems. Provides ideal compression force and retains heat to break adhesions of the soft tissue.


The wrist support can help repetitive motion and over-stretch injuries. Adequate compression force relieves pain and allows patient to return to activity easily.


The adjustable finger splint maintain finger into neutral position and suitable support to improve tissue recovery .


The outside elastic force and anchor surrounding the waist stabilize the hip joint. The hip support can relieve heavy weight-bearing from the thigh and hip muscle.


The support covering the muscle bulk can retain the heat in the tissue. The therapeutic warmth provides comfort to the tissue and breaks the adhesion of the muscle and fascia to ensure a smooth motion.


The orthosis offers three levels of support: primary, intensive, and extreme. There are also three functions: prevent, protect, and assist.



The ankle orthosis offers gentle pressure and motion control to help prevent further strains or sprains.


Compression Stockings

In our busy live, we are often on our feet or we sit for extended periods of time during the day without caring for our tired or aching legs.

Leg discomfort may be minor and tolerable initially, but could gradually develop into serious venous disorders such as varicose vein, swelling, or edema. OPPO Medical offers series of compression stockings to meet the different needs of the wearers, such as the Caring Series, the Voyage Series, and the Anti-embolism Series etc. Our comfortable texture, various compression levels and a wide range of sizes ensure a perfect fit and optimal compression for daily wear.

OPPO Medical is committed to bringing you an extensive line of high quality, good value, and attractive leg care products to relax the legs and to help improve blood circulation.